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10 Best last-minute valentine day gifts ideas

10 Best last-minute valentine day gifts ideas


Last-minute valentine's day gift ideas are one of the most hectic processes, as you want everything to be special. The very first thing which attracts valentine's day or any romantic event is a gift. Gifts or presents are what makes the moment even more special, and above all, makes your loved ones feel more special. Therefore, here we are to help with valentine's day gift ideas, that too innovative ones.

As Valentine’s Day is on the peak with seven special days from 7th to 14th Feb, gifts become a kind of ritual to celebrate with your beloved. As a result, what to gift becomes a problem, because we don’t want to repeat the earlier gifted item.

Almost all of you have gifted chocolates, teddy bears, cushions, necklaces, watches, perfumes, etc. right, before this Valentine's day and this time you want some new and innovative ideas.

Don’t fret, “Hakuna Matata Guys and Girls”. Let us help you with this valentine's day gift ideas.

Bonsai Tree: Living Room Decoration

A Bonsai tree is a symbol of peace and harmony. It brings balance in the thoughts and makes you feel relax at home. Bonsai tree gifts have become a trend nowadays, as they promote a good mood at home. The artistic designs of pots are what make them more beautiful to the eyes. A really good gift to promote more harmony in your love life starting from this Valentine.

Bonsai tree for living room decoration | Go Green Gift Ideas

3D Coffee Mugs

Mugs never go out of fashion. Am I right or am I right ? Well, you might have given mugs on your first anniversary, but, they are never enough with such eye-catchy and adorable designs. Be it a panda or a Winnie-the pooh. Plus, mugs have their own advantages. You don’t have to sip coffee from it, you can just use it as pots for plants, or pen holders for decoration purpose. How about a Bonsai tree planted in that mug resting on the dining table while you two share a cup of coffee this valentine.

Long-distance friendship lamps

An Insta post might have come to your mind, and that is exactly what we are talking about. In a world of social media, long-distance relation has become common. And, that is where these lamps come into action. One is kept with you and the other is with your beloved. Connected through wi-fi, as you touch the lamp, the other one will light up automatically, no matter how far your partner is, he/she will come to know that you are thinking about them. A perfect medium to bridge that gap between you this Valentine.

Smartphone ring light

A selfie freak would love this gift. Right, girls? Smartphone ring light has become a must-have for selfie-lovers. No matter, what smartphone you possess, the ring light beautifies your selfie really well. Boys out there, gift this to your partner, she would become really happy, also, your burden of taking their perfect shot will reduce. So, grab one of these for your girl this Valentine.

Pets: dog, cat or maybe birds

Time to add another member to the family in the form of pets this Valentine. Come on who does not love pets. Be it a dog or a cat or birds, every one of us like one or the other. Having a pet makes you softer in emotions and helps you promote good health. Also, they help you to be occupied, when you are away from your partner.

Play Station: “Gameplay Assassin's Creed”

A boy’s heaven. Owning a game boosts their ego. PlayStation or Xbox and many more are there in the market. Gifting this to your boyfriend this Valentine will definitely make him love you more. They are a bit expensive, but you know what they say,” Expensive, but worth the money.” And, you gifting them video games will surely make them reminisce about their childhood.

"Game of Thrones" themed music box

Game of Thrones or GOT has humongous fans around the globe. And if your partner is one among them, then what’s best than a GOT themed music box. Similarly, the themed music box comes in various designs and various themes like GOT, Harry Potter, beauty and the beast, etc. Therefore, it’s best to gift them these tiny yet cute music boxes this Valentine.

Novels: “The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks”

A reader’s happy place. If your partner is into reading and writing, what is best than gifting them novels of their favorite genre. And trust me, this gift never gets old. Literature is something that makes our intellect and intelligence improve with time and brews a good understanding between our relation. And understanding each other’s emotions is the key to a successful relationship, isn’t it? Ergo, boost your healthy relationship this Valentine.

Handmade cards

This is something really heart-touching. Making a card by your hands is something which tells the other person, how important and essential you are to them. Many DIY’s videos are available online which can guide you to make the best card for your beloved, make this Valentine more special.

Personalized candles

If your partner loves fragrances, instead of gifting him perfume, you can gift him/her personalized scented candles. Also, there are many options available in the market, such as LED lights candle, photo candle, quote candle, etc. which enhances our good mood and provides us a sense of peacefulness. Certainly, this the best gift for a Valentine, where you can have your favorite scent like vanilla, lavender, jasmine, etc.

Personalized Scented Candles | Personalized Gift | Romantic Gift Ideas

Our personal suggestion would be Long-distance lamps for both of you. To sum up, the world is gifted with many beautiful gift items and the list is endless. We hope your Valentine goes as beautiful as you are and may you both share this beautiful bond for the rest of your life.

Moreover, happy valentines!