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10 Viral beauty tips and secrets for Indian Bridal makeup looks


Are you getting married soon and trying to learn beauty tips for bridal makeup? Here's the rescue.

A wedding is the greatest moment for every bride’s life. To make this day memorable they want to look the prettiest among everyone present. To achieve that gorgeous look which people talk for days, the bride makes every possible effort. They start visualizing their wedding day look prior to the ceremony. Indian bridal makeup is the most imperative factor for making that dream come true.

What to wear, how to do makeup, who to invite? All of these questions begin surfacing in the mind. Brides require additional time because they need to take care of everything related to clothes, makeup, etc. Searching for the best wedding makeup artist is not an easy task. To get that perfect look, the first step is to be happy and secondly to find the artist who understands what suits you perfectly. Bridal makeup is as important as the wedding outfit.

Tips to follow on how to do Bridal Makeup

1. Start your preparations 3 weeks before

First of all, book the makeup studio and finalize the deal which you find the best. Get the makeup done only from that artist who understands you and your skin. Take tips from them that which type of makeup will suit you the best. There are various types of makeup trending nowadays like HD makeup, Airbrush makeup, Traditional bridal makeup, Party makeup, and regular bridal makeup.

When only 1 week is left, take the makeup trial. Check how the makeup is looking at you. Does it suit you or not.

2. Prep your skin

Take a good night's sleep before the wedding. Don’t take the stress and drink plenty of water. Protect your skin from getting dehydrated. Start preparing for your skin well in advance. Before sleep, always cleanse, moisturize and tone your skin.

3. Prime your skin

Always start the makeup with a primer. Primer helps in keeping the makeup together for a long time. It hides any skin creases. Choose a hydrating primer for dry skin and go for an oil-control primer for the oily skin.

4. Light up your eyes

Your eyes are the highlight of your face. To make your eyes stand out, go with the golden Smokey eyeshadow. It goes well with all the red, gold-coloured dresses worn by Indian brides.

Eye shadow looks | Smokey eye makeup ideas | Shadisthan

Apply the darkest black gel eyeliner on the eyelids and a thick black kajal on lower lids with a little smudge. Next, apply mascara to thicken your eyelashes or go with a false eyelash; it will provide great details to your eyes. Keep in mind that the eye products must be waterproof as you would not want to take any risk on your big day.

5. Conceal your spots

Use a concealer to hide blemishes, acne or scars. You can also use colour corrector like green, yellow or orange to hide reddish hues on the face.

6. Apply foundation

Take a makeup brush and apply foundation evenly to make your face and neck of similar colour. Go with the HD matte foundation to get that bright glow on your face.

7. Highlight and contour

Use the highlighter on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, the center of the forehead to get a flowing look on your face. You can then apply contouring on your face to heavily define the features of the face. It will make your face look chiselled and sharp.

8. Blushing bride

Apply blush on the cheekbones in a circular motion. Just a subtle colour in enough to make you look like a blushing bride.

9. Lipstick

Start with outlining the lips with lip liner. Always go with red or pink colour on the bride. You don’t want to miss the entire look of your makeup with the wrong coloured lipstick. Apply matte lipstick to make your lips look bold.

10. Hairstyle

Style your hair with accessories. For your look as a bride don’t go with simple hairstyles. Try some exquisite styles which suit your face perfectly.

Short hairstyles | Beautiful Hair Style For Wedding Functions | Shadisthan

A wedding is your most special day. Don’t experiment with new styles, go with the traditional bridal makeup. Even if you follow recent trendy makeup, you’ll still feel outdated a few years later when you’ll check your wedding photograph. Hence always go with a traditional look because “Traditional is Timeless”.