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13 Latest Trends in Sarees for your Wedding Parties

13 Latest Trends in Sarees for your Wedding Parties


Sarees are an integral part of India. With the latest trends in fashion, our sarees are also modernized by fashion designers. While attending a wedding party or a wedding ceremony, lehengas and sarees are the preferred choices of every woman.

Sarees are the most timeless piece of garment, which has influenced our priorities when it comes to Indian weddings. With a wide array of colors, designs, embroidery, styles, etc. it has rioted the Indian market.

So, why hang in the middle of nowhere, when you have such beautiful and enchanting pieces to choose from. Let’s give you some inspiration and guide you to the latest trends in sarees for wedding parties.

Latest Trends in Sarees

Pant Saree - No petticoat

Pant style saree is like a gift to a millennial girl. Easy to drape and maintain, pant saree is the best choice when you want comfort. No petticoat to restrict your steps when you flaunt your dance moves. It’s stylish, elegant, and a perfect mixture of tradition with modernism. Super easy to carry and best for the one who has never worn the traditional outfits. Pant sarees also helps you stand out from the crowd.

Ombre Saree or Dual Shades

Ombre style is hitting the to-do lists of the designers. Whether it’s a saree or lehanga, ombre style is prevalent in every outfit. With dual or multi-shades this saree gives you a perfectly chic look. Also, the half and half ideology is kept in mind to design this saree. One half is covered with some color or print and the other half is covered with the other shade or print. This gives you a contrast effect and a boost of freshness.

Lehanga Saree

The motive of lehenga saree was to mix the taste of traditional culture with that of modernism. The saree is designed in such a way that it gives you a look of traditional lehenga choli and a sari. Furthermore, it’s typically designed with fabrics of georgette, silk, velvet, etc. Moreover, there’s no need to form those perfect pleats. Just drape it simply, and you are ready to charm the party.

Cape Style Saree

Cape style is a perfect way to give yourself a touch of glam. It gives you that desi chic look. Pair your saree with a separate cape or design your blouse like that of a cape. Hence, it’s like an Indo-western fusion. Also, the look will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. Select the beige or ivory shades. They are best suited to this look.

Frills Saree or Ruffled Saree

Ruffle or Frill style in saree is the latest trend in saree, which you can opt for the wedding parties. Also, it’s one of the hottest trends which has infected almost every domain of apparels. Moreover, with frills or ruffles on the “pallu”, “ghagra” or “sleeves”, this style is best to give yourself a dramatic and Bollywood look.

Floral Print Saree

With forever gloss and vibrant appeal, floral sarees are the next big thing in the department. With 3D prints of various lively and vivid hues on fabrics like silk, georgette, etc. makes it all the more glamorous. Therefore, this wedding season gift yourself the florals that define your warm personality.

Bandhej Sarees - A Rajasthani Touch

Bandhej saree or Bandhani saree is a traditional Rajasthani sari. With a tie and dye process, bandhani saree gives you a perfect royal look. Besides that, with its intricate designs and gloss, it’s a perfect choice to complement the traditional customs of weddings. Moreover, having a lightweight attribute, it’s best suited in summer seasons.

Velvet Sarees

With fiery colors and glossy appearance, velvet sarees helps you highlight your uniqueness at wedding parties. Because they are always associated with royalty and luxury, velvet fabric has its own magical aura. Velvet sarees became trendy with the introduction of half and half saree. In this mostly, the “Pallu” is made up of velvet fabric with extrinsic embroideries. The best choice when you want to look lush, lavish and majestic.

Kasta saree

Kasta sari has its origin from Maharastra. It has entered the list of latest trends in sarees for wedding parties, due to its unique draping style. It’s far away from our basic saris. Kasta sari is draped like a dhoti. The fabric is usually silk that gives it a royal look. It’s best if you are going for an experimental look. Plus, the best option when the event is theme related.

Banarasi Saree

Hailing from the land of Banaras, present-day Varanasi, Banarasi saree is an evergreen choice. It never goes out of trends because of its rich texture and designs. Giving you a royal look, banarasi sari is known for its silver and gold minute brocade designs on glossy fabric like silk. They have always been topping the list when it comes to our auspicious functions.

Kanjivaram Saree

It is yet another evergreen option that you can opt for. It’s the most sought-after saree for every wedding event. Known for its regal look, these Kanchipuram silk sarees hails from the south region of India. Hence, they are the best choice for bridal wear plus for attending various wedding events.

Mekhela Chador Saree

The simple and subtle yet fashionable style of saree is mekhela chador from Assam. These sarees radiate simplicity. The shine and sheen of this fabric make you glow all the more. The unique draping style of this saree makes you look elite and elegant at the wedding. Furthermore, with creative innovations in the design, mekhela chador is a perfect blend of traditional and modern wear.

Zardosi Saree

Zardosi saree is luxurious ethnic wear. With hand embroidery of coils plated with gold or silver, it gives you a perfect lavish look. Zardosi sari is a rich collection of hand-crafted designs that perfectly depicts the richness of our Indian culture. A sought-after saree, if you want to dominate the wedding party with your majestic appeal.

Therefore, these are some of the latest trends in sarees which you can opt for your wedding parties and events. Sarees are perfect for every occasion. Our advice, whenever confused or in a dilemma, go for sarees.