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8 best Eco-friendly wedding ideas you cannot miss

8 best Eco-friendly wedding ideas you cannot miss


Indian weddings are contributing to climate change. With an average of 10 million weddings a year, Indian couples need to afford eco-friendly wedding ideas to help eradicate all the waste produced during weddings.

Green weddings and green events are becoming a trend. People are becoming eco-conscious when it comes to our planet Earth. Similarly, environment-friendly weddings are becoming a thing. Its reception is really positive.

You might think going for an eco-friendly wedding will reduce all the fun and make it all boring. But, that’s not the case. Eco-friendly weddings are more fun than those lavish ones. You get the opportunity to contribute to society through your wedding. Also, you get the chance to influence others to opt for this great initiative which not only saves a lot of resources but also promotes sustainability.

Here are some of the most beneficial and amazing eco-friendly wedding ideas that will help you go green all the way.

Online Wedding Invitations - Saves paper

Think about it, opting for paperless invitations or electronic invitations can do wonders on your pocket and the trees. Online wedding invitations are paperless, cost-friendly, saves time, easily deliverable, etc. It has all the positives over paper invites.

Paper invites are heavy on your pocket, requires proper attention when delivering at different places, requires a lot of time, etc. Isn’t that all expensive in terms of money, time, and resources.

Therefore, digital invites are the best. Saves time, money, wastage and gives you a sense of contentment that you saved a hundred trees.

Rent or reuse wedding decor

Wedding decorations demands huge bundles of our notes. Ain’t it folks?

Going for an eco-friendly wedding affair will save you that expense. There’s no need to spend your precious money when you have the option to reuse the wedding decor. The wedding setup already is beautiful and well-designed by the event planners. Using the same allows you to concentrate on other tasks and saves your time and cost from choosing the best from ample options.

Also, you get huge discounts on the decor setups. Moreover, try to incorporate environment-friendly ideas like use earthen pots, use flower plants to decorate instead of plucking them. Try to avoid plastic at all costs.

Green Venue - Oxygen-rich place

Opt for an outdoor wedding. Go for open parks, gardens, farms, vineyards, or even your rooftop. These venues will help you reduce the use of light as there will be natural sunlight. In addition, the decor cost also will reduce as you already have lots of greenery accompanied by colorful blooms. Keeping your wedding and reception venue will ensure that your guests don’t have to commute. This will reduce air pollution and fuel emissions.

If you want to go for an indoor wedding, you can select hotels that use energy-efficient appliances and biodegradable products. After all, it needs to be eco-friendly.

Reuse or Rent your dresses

Pick clothes and other accessories in such a way that you can wear them again in the future. Or simply just borrow or rent your clothes. Think about it, can you wear that “heavily-embellished lehanga” again and again. Can you wear that “stiff-shiny sherwani” again? No, right. Then why waste your monetary resources on such materialistic things. Wear your mother’s wedding dress, or you can rent it from the designer. The same goes for the groom.

Cutlery and other equipment

More than half of the waste of every wedding is constituted of cutlery including plates, spoons, and glasses. And of course, how can we forget the tissue papers. To reduce this toxic waste which includes an enormous amount of plastic, we can switch to glass or steel cutlery.

If we want to do it in a more proper way, we can include banana leaves and dry leaves plates and bowls to serve food. These biodegradable products will help you keep your promise of eco-friendly wedding setup.

Encourage Public Transport

As we mentioned earlier that try to keep your wedding and reception destination the same. This will help in reducing fuel emissions. Similarly, embrace this eco-friendly wedding idea that allows you to accommodate most of your guests in a single-vehicle.

Also, choose such locations where public transport is easily available like buses, taxis, cabs, etc. This will reduce your guest’s carbon footprint. Hence, it’s one of the best eco-friendly wedding ideas.

Food control- donate, don’t waste

A wedding without varieties of food is totally incomplete. After all, in Indian weddings food gathers more attention than the bride and the groom. But, this is also one of the reasons that give birth to a lot of wastage. Food wastage is not a new thing when it comes to such huge events.

To avoid such a situation, request RSVP’s from all your guests to get an idea about the quantity. Give proper instructions to your chefs about minimal wastage and or no wastage at all.

Even if the food is left after the event, don’t throw it. Contact people or agencies and donate your food there. No stone unturned, now you have benefitted others and also have received blessings for your life.

Energy-efficient products

Use energy-efficient methods and products like LED’s to make your wedding eco-friendly. Like there are products in the market that consume less electricity. Also, keep a check on the duration of the electric products that are running at your wedding. For example, there may be a chance that the projector/lights/fans/AC is still running even when you have shifted to another room or venue.

This will help you cut down your electricity bills and electricity usage. Try to use a renewable source of energy. That will benefit both your event and the Earth.

At last, we would say those eco-friendly wedding ideas are one of the many ways to help sustain our home, Earth. Having an eco-friendly nuptial is a must and need of the hour today. Every bride and groom needs to understand the benefits they are getting and they are providing through environment-friendly nuptials. It’s a kind gesture towards nature and humanity.