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Attending A Marwari Wedding For The First Time? – Things You Must Know

Attending A Marwari Wedding For The First Time? – Things You Must Know


“Atithi devo bhava” is the befitting mantra that defines the dynamics of the host-guest relationship in Rajasthan, the desert state of Royals. The people of Rajasthan are globally known for their overwhelming hospitality and enduring love for food and celebration. Hence this wedding season if you have an invitation for a Marwari wedding then prepare yourself for a lavish and memorable experience of a lifetime. The wedding culture in India is highly distinguished and yet very similar in many ways. The South Indian weddings are conducted in the morning whereas weddings in North India are usually a night affair, still many of the functions are quite similar with different nomenclature.

The weddings in Rajasthan and Marwari customs hold a special place in the picturization of the unique North Indian weddings. From the pre wedding customs to the delicious food, everything has a Royal air in a true Rajasthani wedding. The pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding customs of Marwari wedding are symbolic and are performed for the lasting married life of the new couple. This blog is all about making you aware of what to expect in a Rajasthani wedding, so that you are not caught in surprise by anything.

So, here are a few things to keep in mind and to look out for and experience, when attending a Rajasthani marriage!

The never ending Rajasthani rituals & customs of marwadi wedding

If you’re attending a Rajasthani wedding you’ll receive awestruck hospitality and gifts. Apart from being good businessmen, Marwadi people are also known for their warm and sweet nature. You’ll be treated as a close family member and would instantly feel at home due to their open affection. The concept of joint family is also very vivid in Marwadi households and that’s the reason every small function of wedding receives large number of attendees. Presenting beautiful gifts to the wedding guests is also an integral part of Rajasthani weddings, gifts like Jodhpuri handicrafts, Sweet boxes, Meenakari antiques, desert paintings, silverware etc are the common choice for a memorable wedding present.

Delicious Dishes You Will Find only in Marwari Wedding: -

Delicious Dishes You Will Find only in Marwari Wedding

If you are die-heart foodie then Marwadi wedding is the right destination for your palate, as here you will find an elaborate feast of savoury and sweet dishes. Rajasthani cuisines have a special place in the world itinerary, people travel miles to taste the rustic and authentic Marwadi preparations. It’s no surprise that the wedding menu is also very lavish with numerous mouth-watering dishes like Ker-sangri, Gatte, Daal Bati Churma, Ghevar, Mawa Kachori, Rabdi k Ladoo and the list goes on. Marwadi people are very foodie and every celebration for them is incomplete without lots of food, so during the Marwari marriage you should be ready to double up your calorie consumption. When attending a Rajasthani wedding just leave your diet plans behind and enjoy the loving manwars of delicious food.

Family Bonding that will blend you in:-

Ture bond with family shows in marwari wedding

Marwadi families are huge with all the members strongly bonded with love and respect; hence weddings are the perfect time for family reunions. In Rajasthan the families are very much intermingled and since marriage is the most important decision, every elder of the family takes the responsibility of matchmaking. This is the time when the matchmaker inside the elderly ladies is fully alert, therefore if you are a bachelor then be ready to receive many suitable proposals. The chances of getting hitched are very high in a Rajasthani wedding, so if you’re looking for your life partner then you might get lucky as you’ll receive a lot of help in your search.

Marwari Wedding And Its Colourful And Luxurious Traditions

A Rajasthani wedding is no small affair, the preparations of wedding start many months before and everything is done grandly. Marwadi people strongly believe in grandeur and they spend heftily in their weddings. From the palatial venues to magnificent decorations everything gives a feel of royalty, therefore if it’s the first time that you are visiting a Rajasthani wedding then you’ll be awestruck. A typical Rajasthani wedding is 3-4 days long with numerous customs which are very glittery and colourful, so we would suggest you to carry all your heavy ethnic wear if you don’t want to look out of place in the traditional functions.

With the above checklist in place, you are fully ready to attend a Marwari wedding. Enjoy the warmth of Rajasthan with the delicious food and grand stay. Keep your cameras and phones ready to click fantastic shots for your social media accounts.