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Beautiful Rajasthani Mehandi Designs that every Bride needs to see

Beautiful Rajasthani Mehandi Designs that every Bride needs to see


The history of mehandi goes long back to medieval times; it is considered to be one of the first forms of body art that originated in ancient Indian subcontinent. Primarily mehandi is a thick paste of dried henna leaves and water, sometimes to which eucalyptus oil and lime juice are also added to enhance its colour. The use of mehandi is considered auspicious in Indian tradition consequently mehandi in India is part of every Rajasthani wedding. Rajasthani mehandi designs hold a very special role in Indian weddings, be it a Hindu marriage or Islamic Nikaah rajasthani bridal mehandi designs adorns the hands and feet of the bride to be.

Alike every Indian wedding, Mehandi is an integral part of Rajasthani weddings as well, eventually you’ll witness a special ceremony of Mehandi at a Rajasthani marriage. Rajasthan is known for its traditional and ritualistic marriages as they pay attention to every minute detail of Marwari customs; the customary celebration of Mehandi is no different as Rajasthani designs of henna are nothing less than fascination. Every bride wishes to look the best at her wedding and for a Rajasthani bride Mehandi is of utmost importance as it is a key part of her 16 adornments commonly known as “Solah Shringar”.

This article is for all the beautiful brides-to-be who wish to design mesmerizing Rajasthani Mehandi patterns on their hands and feet for the big day.

The Trending Rajasthani Mehandi Designs are:-

1) The Evergreen Floral Designs: The floral designs are first choice of every woman, whether you are a wedding guest, bridesmaid or the bride herself, these floral patterns will do justice to each & everyone.

Floral designs have a touch of nature and they beautifully represent love, peace, sensuality and fertility. All these features of floral Mehandi designs make it a rage among the women.

2) The archaic Warli Mehandi art: Warli art is one of the oldest art forms of India which is inspired by tribal caricatures and unique elements like earthen pots, swings, birds, jharokhas, huts etc that have paved their way into beautiful Rajasthani henna designs.

If you are an art lover and have an edge for distinctive and classy things, then these Mehandi designs are just for you.

3) Trending Minimalistic designs: If you are not a fan of henna and you’re applying Mehandi just for the sake of ceremony then such minimalistic designs are ideal for your taste.These designs are a perfect dose of tradition with contemporary style and are loved by all modern day brides. The traditional Rajasthani design of Mandala and the trail patterns are trending nowadays among the Rajasthani brides who believe in ‘less is more’ mantra.

Rajasthani arabic mehandi designs for bride and groom

4) Latest Rajasthani Mehandi designs: These modern henna designs are perfectly curved with trending motifs that will make you stand out on your wedding day.

Latest rajasthani mehandi designs 2019

The enchanting curves of exotic flowers, lotuses, swans, peacocks, birds and butterflies will look straight out of a nature’s painting. Take this notch higher Mehandi designs for your big day to make an everlasting statement.

rajasthani bridal mehandi designs for teej | karwachauth

5) Intricate Rajasthani Mehandi designs: Intricate Mehandi designs are an essential part of Rajasthani henna art as they beautifully represent the folk culture of Rajasthan. Inclusive of all the traditional motifs like jali work,paisley patterns, leaves, Rajasthani musical instruments such as Shehnai, drums, naqareh etc these Mehandi designs never go out of fashion. The brides who want authentic Rajasthani Mehandi designs can share these images as reference for your Mehandi artist.

6) Tale telling Rajasthani Mehandi art: It is one of the latest trending Mehandi art that’s being loved by brides all over India.

The brides who wish to paint all of their hands and feet with henna opt for these meaningful patterns which depict their wedding story or define their special moment together. Wedding elements like doli, sindoor, bride,groom, elephants and horses etc are used to design these stories of wedding.

You can try these beautiful Mehandi designs not only on your wedding day but also for the other celebrations like Teej, Karwachauth, Eid, Diwali etc and add beauty to your appearance.