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10 Best last-minute valentine day gifts ideas

Best Proposal ideas on Valentine Day


The day to celebrate the unity of two souls has arrived. Many of us have found the one with whom we want to spend the rest of our life. And for that, we are searching for some innovative and cool proposal ideas on valentine day. We also have searched for many creative ways to implement that. Because we understand how much it matters to you. Also, your way of proposing sends the idea to your soon to be better half that how much you care about them and their preferences. And, this moment is something which later on will be shared with the whole world, like your families, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.

Therefore, it kinda becomes a top priority for you. But, not to worry we have a lot of time to plan and successfully implement it.

Following are some of the ideas for a perfect proposal on this Valentine’s Day:

Fairytale proposal

Fairytale’s proposal is a dream for many girls out there since childhood. Every girl for once in her life wanted to be treated like a princess by her prince charming. Cliche, right? Still, this is something very simple yet profound thought that would bring the result in your favor. Select the place which is antique yet can beautify the whole event. Decorate it with all the necessary elements like flowers, lamps, etc. Gift a gown to your girl, but keep this idea a secret. Invite her to the destination. Play some slow music. And, go on your knees and say those magical words. Make her feel special and show her that chivalry isn’t dead.

Best Fairytale proposal idea for dream girl – Valentine Day | Shadisthan

Proposal At public events

The best way to give more hype to your proposal is by including the crowd in it. Research and decide where you can implement this plan of yours without much disturbance. It can be a movie theatre, wedding halls, a musical event, etc. Talk with the concerned owner of that particular place and get permission. Take their help to arrange lights, mikes, etc. By some excuse bring your girl there, and say your feelings out loud. The loud cheers of the public will make this moment even more beautiful.

Blank paper – a secret proposal

Remember in earlier times people use to send messages still nobody was able to read that except the recipient. For others, it used to be blank paper. The same technique you can use, to propose her. All you need is lemon juice, water, brush, and paper. Dilute lemon juice with water. Take the brush, dip it in the solution, and write your thoughts on the paper. After a while, the letters will be invisible. Give this paper to your partner and tell them to expose it to a little heat, maybe over a candle. Do maintain, a certain distance between the heat source and the paper, else the paper will burn. You will see the message will appear in some brownish color. Magical it is.

Proposing through digital means

Modern idea for the modern couple. You can just prepare a video stating the journey of both of you till now and how you want it to get in the near future. You can enact your moments with the help of your friend or family. This will help her relive those moments once again. Once the video gets over, you can appear maybe from behind the curtain or the door, and take advantage of the atmosphere created to express your heartfelt message. You can utilize your own home or nearby park.

Treasure hunt proposal

Doesn’t that sound adventurous? You can organize a treasure hunt activity and tell her some lie that it’s some contest or game. For this, beaches or mountains would be the best option. You have to create signs and sentences that don’t make the process obvious. You will accompany her through the path and finally, at the destination, you can reveal your thoughts through balloons or get on your knee with the perfect view of the sunset and present the ring.

A perfect getaway to propose

You can plan a trip to some exotic destination. And there you can take advantage of the attractive tourist places like forts, parks, stadiums, swings, etc. Dressed like its local residents, with a ring in your hand, you are all ready for a unique and adventurous kind of proposal. Yachts can also be used if you are present in coastal areas.

Express your love through food

You may have seen many movies and tv shows where the couple is out for a dinner date, and when they continue enjoying their food, the girl experiences some metal in her food while chewing it. She takes out that metal and it appears that it’s a ring. And, the hero proposes the girl at that very moment. Now, lads, this is what you are supposed to do, but do remember to encapsulate the ring in such foods that can not be swallowed easily, something which requires chewing. Otherwise, it will become a hospital date.

Surprise Dinner – Valentine Day Proposal Ideas | Shadisthan

FM or Radio proposal

If your girl loves listening to live radio shows then what is best than this particular way to propose her. For this, you can get in touch with your local radio station and select the time when her favorite show is on air. Dedicate her romantic song, followed by a very nicely prepared speech to ask her out. Trust us, she will feel on top of the cloud with your attempt.

Smoke signals [Skywriting] for proposal

Have you seen those events, where planes make tricolor or showcase some message in the sky through colorful smoke? Exactly, the same technique we are talking about to get your love and your life together. You just have to contact the company that deals with skywriting. They will help you in deciding the area where there’s not much traffic. You can decorate the area to enhance the ambiance. Drive your partner to the place, to let her witness this great moment. This is something extraordinary and unique way to express you.

We guess this Valentine; many of you are going to get united with your partner with a serious commitment. Always remember that no matter how you plan and execute your proposal that does not matter. The thing that matters is how serious and genuine you are with your approach and how committed you are with this relation. Rest all is just mere materialism.