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How Social Media Affects Relationships?

How Social Media Affects Relationships?


Social media has become the popular platform in relationships to share happiness and emotions with partner. But an addiction of social media affects relationships positively or negatively.

Social media become the oxygen of our life. We wake up by checking messages and posts in our various accounts. Our washrooms are more familiar with our scrolling habits. The real essence of social media has been lost. By making us go global and reach every person out there, it has made us lose our focus from the people living in the same room with us. There is a limit to everything.

Therefore, the answer to the question “Social media – positive or negative impacts on relationship?” is a little diplomatic, as it justifies both the statements.

Social media has inspired us to connect with people who share the same interests. Following this methodology, we have come a long way by connecting with people to building strong relationships. Social media has majorly influenced our relationships. Rather than going out and explore people, almost all the singletons have absorbed the idea of using social sites, to gift themselves a perfect partner. This has changed the ideology of love. With a single click, you are matched and with a single click, the connection gets over.

Though sometimes you get the person who genuinely understands your emotions and supports you virtually through his/her messages, it does make you adapt to this online environment. This, in turn, leads to less one-to-one interactions.

Every coin has two sides. Social media has also proved the same. Somewhere it has entwined two hearts, while somewhere it has separated the prolonged relationship. So, yes it is justifiable to say that social media has been a boon to and a bane to our relationships.

How social media affects relationship negatively?

New Relation

People, who are new to relationships, find it easy to judge a person on his/her social profile. They prepare an image based on that, overlooking their real side. Due to this many times, people feel pressured to make themselves look and act like someone they are not. This practice has become a common ritual on social sites to engage people’s attention. Also, while texting, many times, the context is taken as otherwise. This leads to misconceptions and makes them believe in their own version. As a result, the relationship’s foundation is based on delusion and pretension.

First Meeting

Now, all done with the online stalking and chatting, they go for their first meet. This meeting is based on all online facts. They already know through your social posts and activity about what are your likes and dislikes, your location, where were you last night, etc. It is like you have gone through their life’s portfolio in a single click.

  • First scenario: So, when you meet for the first time, you fall short of topics to discuss. Mostly, this leads to both of you taking out your cellphones while having that coffee. An awkward situation, right? The behind-the-scenes of this reel life often disappoint us.
  • Second scenario: Now, you may connect instantly, considering they have justified all the online information. That’s well and good. But, studies have shown, many people struggle to maintain the relationship.


Today, insecurity and doubts have become the primary reason for a breakup. How you respond to other’s posts, your likes, comments, and share might trouble your partner. People find it very casual to flirt online by engaging with other profiles, even after being in a relationship or marriage. This leads to less interaction between you and your partners. A communication gap has built up which is filled up by insecurity and jealousy.

Social media leads to depression and anxiety |Negative Impact | Shadisthan


As we mentioned above, nowadays, even when a person is in a relationship, he/she finds it really casual to talk to every other person who attracts their attention. Casual flirting is treated as normal. This has resulted in many people maintaining more than one relationship online. A lot of breakups and divorces have accused the other person in the case of infidelity.

Misleading social activity

You interact with posts online. You post your thoughts online. Doing this, the post gets misinterpreted by your partner. They take up those quotes on themselves. Assuming things leads to doubts, further weakening your already weakened bond. A pool of misunderstanding soon converts into an ocean of never-ending quarrels. Also, posting things after a fight, sharing your moments with the public, degrades the level of authenticity and trust in the relationship. Oversharing of your personal life is not required at all.

Millennial’s world

In the world of social media, Gen Z is found to become a citizen of an online platform. They have engrossed themselves in online activities, be it for dating or making online friends. This has resulted in many cases of anxiety and depression, as they find it easy to chat online than communicating face-to-face in the real world.


People have become a voluntary victim to the notifications of these social apps. They sleep after winding up all the conversation and they wake up by checking the notification. This is the condition of every committed as well as singletons. The addiction is so strong that they fail to spend quality time with their beloved, neglecting their opinions and then complaining that the relationship is not working for them. Instead of taking initiatives to sort out the differences they just possess the “let go” attitude believing that they have given their best. A click is all it needs to enter and exit the relationship.

Unwanted connections

Remember that school’s ex-boyfriend or that college’s ex-girlfriend. Everyone is connected to you on online platforms. If not, then also they have an online presence, which you can contact and stalk 24*7. People who face separation, take more to recover from their situation because that person is present everywhere just a click away. Also, if you are already committed, then also your ex-partner’s presence on social platforms becomes a suspect for your current partner.

How social media affects relationship positively?

  • Long-distance relationships: It allows people to maintain their relationship and reduce that distance a little through social media. People who are working abroad or in different places can contact their beloved anytime.
  • Place Independent: A person from a developed place can connect with a person residing in a remote area. This compliments the ideology, “Love has no boundaries”. Right? We have seen many cross-culture weddings and unions that were next to impossible without social media.
  • Overview of a person: Now, that you have their profiles, you can directly analyze their personality without personally meeting them. The good old days, where you were given a photo and were asked to spend some time with the person to say “yes” for the marriage are gone. Now, you can just check their interests, likes and dislikes on their profiles. By social media, you have a proof of that person’s commitments; you know screenshots and notifications, that helps you to keep in check any arguments. Hence, the problem of lying gets reduced to a certain margin. Positive impact of social media on relationships | Shadisthan
  • Single parents: Finding the best match offline becomes a little difficult for single/widowed/divorced parents. Social media helps them to find the best person who not only understands their story but also is ready to accept their children. Over the years, social media has helped single parents to find a suitable match and has helped them to reduce their anxiety and depression.
  • Family support: Once you get committed, it becomes easier for you to maintain healthy relations with your lover’s parents and relatives through social media. You can directly wish them through a message or videos. Post photos with them. You can keep a check on their likes and dislikes, their major events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. without forgetting them.


To sum up, social media is considered both a boon and a bane for a relationship. You cannot support just one side of the story. It all depends upon the limit. Everything when done in a limit always gives us fruitful results. We have to bear the consequences if we exceed the limit.

Therefore, try to maximize the time spent with your loved ones and minimize the time spend on social media. This is the key to avoid major reasons for conflicts.