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Latest Bridal Jewelry Trends 2020: Wedding Bridal Jewelry

Latest Bridal Jewelry Trends 2020: Wedding Bridal Jewelry


The wedding season is here! Almost, everyone out there is confused about the clothes and traditional jewelry to wear, to flaunt it off like a pro at the wedding. And the main character who is going to gather the maximum limelight is the bride. Collecting trendy yet elegant and extravagant pieces of traditional bridal jewelry becomes a stressful task. As a millennial bride, the expectations from her become higher for this ostentatious occasion. She has to ace it and to do that she can take help from the latest bridal jewelry trends.

Every bride has some essential jewelry list, which she has to wear, like Maang tikka, Nath or nosering, Raani Haar or choker or neckpiece, earrings, bangles, Payal, etc. Nowadays, kaleere from Punjab’s culture has made its entry to the list with a bang. Be it a Hindu wedding or a Punjabi wedding or any other, brides are wearing this to enhance their look. Also, the floral jewelry has become a must-have during Mehandi and Haldi ritual. It adds radiance and freshness to your look.

Latest bridal jewelry trends have everything in it, be it a traditional Kundan jewelry, Polki jewelry, Meenakari jewelry, or the Tribal jewelry. So, let us see the most popular jewelry styles available in the market to decorate you from head to toe for your special day.

Maang Tikka/Matha Patti/Rajasthani Bor Rakhdi

A must-have for a bride. Selecting one from the above three creates a conundrum. As each of them is a dazzling piece that adds more beauty to your head. It all depends upon the type of look you are opting for. For example, if you want a heavy bridal look, then a “matha Patti” will do it. If you want the minimalistic look then a dainty “maang tikka” is the best option, if you are going for a royal look then “Rajasthani rakhdi” will be best to complement your crown and will give you a real rajwadi look. If you are going for a Mughlai style wedding then what’s best than a “passa” glorifying your crown.


Earrings define the intensity of a bridal look. If the proper type isn’t worn during the event, the whole jewelry combination gets imbalanced. We can say earrings are the balancing factor for every bridal look. Jhumkas, waterfall earrings, passa earrings, chaand baalis or bahubali earrings, etc. the list has no end. Every one of them has unique elegance and charm. Emeralds, ruby or pearls are the classic options on the list. Newest options that topped the list are the pastel hues in the design, which gives it an altogether different freshness and radiance, and it perfectly matches up with a millennial’s perspective.

Jhumka designs for bride | Indian Gold Ear rings designs | Shadisthan


A nose ring is meant to glorify our face’s center. Even a millennial bride can’t let go of this traditional jewelry because it helps her to stand out among the wedding festivities. Be it a traditional Rajasthani “hoop” nath like the one in “Jodha Akbar” or a Punjabi “laung” or a South-Indian “Mukhutti”. Embellished with diamonds or precious gems or maybe pure gold, their lavish presence on your nose makes it awe-inspiring. Our brides are maybe in a dilemma because many of them haven’t pierced their nose. However, not having a nose pierced is also a trend that is why we have a stick-on nose ring in the market. Try to select those pieces that aren’t too heavy, so that, they don’t slip-on from your nose.

Raani Haar

Bridal necklaces are the center of your entire look. Indian culture has a vast taste in every domain and necklaces are also a part of it. A choker, satlada, raani haar, collar necklace, gulbandh, bib, guttapusalu, etc. Every “haar” has its own charm. And if we add Kundan, Polki, and Meenakari designs to it, they become resplendent. A typical maharani look has what got the attention of all the soon to be brides. Wearing that exorbitant “raani haar” gives you all feels of royalty. When the “Jodha Akbar” movie came, the traditional Rajasthani jewelry(link) Aishwarya Rai wore became a trend since then, giving you a proper maharani look. If you are going for a simple chic look then a choker, pendant or a collar necklace will justify your look. Bridal jewelry trends have many pieces of neck jewelry still Raani haar dominates the list every time.


According to solah shringar, Bazubandh is an important part, which helps to regulate blood in the body. Like in North-Indian weddings, kaleere has become a hotspot, the same is the case with vanki or bazubandh in South-Indian weddings. Though bazubandh also has significant importance in the traditional Rajsthani jewelry. Many styles have come which complements your traditional yet trendy look. Gold armlets, pearls armlet, and emerald embellished armlet, peacock armlet, etc. And of course, Kundan, Polki, and Meenakari designs are always in trend. You name it, and the jewelry will appear. There’s no limit to the designs of these beautiful pieces.


The quintessential part of traditional bridal jewelry is her set of bangles and Kangan, and now kaleere also. All those red hues matched with other bright colors to give you a perfect combination. Gone are the days of simple red color round circle bangles. Nowadays, any geometric shape like square, triangle or any 3d design is available in the market. Especially color-mixing is also done keeping in mind the latest trends, like earthly shades, pastel hues, dark-bright combo, etc. Meenakari work of Rajasthan has also gained immense popularity in the field of bangles because of many movies like “Padmavat”, “Jodha Akbar”, etc. and Hindi tv serials also. Even a haathphool has got an enormous response when the floral designs were introduced.

Talking about kaleere, the first picture that comes in our mind is that golden jhumar dangling on our hands. But, due to the popularity and at the same time keeping in mind the oversized design and heavy look of the bride, many jewelers and designers have designed miniature of the same. Now, you can pull off the traditional kaleere look without being bothered about it getting stuck in your dress.


A gorgeous piece of jewelry, which has its roots in Rajputana and Rajasthan as well as South-India. Waistbelt has become a trend both in traditional as well as western outfits. “Kamarbandh” is the most commonly used name. It defines your curves as well as holds your dupatta properly. No matter if it is a saree or a lehanga, kandora adds charm to your waist and your outfit. They are available in many designs, like a proper gold one, pearls with multiple chains, etc. Kundan, Polki, and Meenakari designs in kamarbandh have flooded the market. This traditional bridal jewelry trend has become a kind of rule in South-Indian weddings.


Our feet also have the right to look glamorous with these pretty ornaments. “Payal” or “pajeb” is what we are talking about. Its sound is said to bring good fortune to the family. Payal made of silver, gold, pearls, gems, etc. with exceptional Kundan, Meenakari and Polki design have gathered attention not only of the brides but of the unmarried girls also. Just like bangles and haathphool for hands, pajeb with toe rings have become a trend to enhance the beauty of feet painted with mehndi.

Trendy Payal designs for bride | Indian Silver Anklets designs | Shadisthan

If we take only one category of the above-mentioned jewelry, its sub-categories, and its sub-categories and….The list will not end, but you will surely get tired. That is the beauty of our Indian culture. Every name, every design changes as we change places. But what remains constant is our faith in our rituals and our traditions. Every wedding trend we are seeing today has taken its birth from history itself. These trends come and go and then repeat themselves. It is like a cycle.

We hope these latest bridal jewelry trends have helped you to sort out the things you need for the upcoming wedding of yours.