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Marrying your bestfriend – the best decision of your life

Marrying your bestfriend – the best decision of your life


A best friend is like a treasure box who has kept all our secrets with them safely. The one who understands us and knows us way better than we know ourselves. Marrying your best friend is like the icing on the cake. A bond that has witnessed your life’s ups and downs and was with you when you needed them the most.

Remember the Bollywood movie “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”, two best friends hunting for a relationship and in the end, they eventually end up together. Their friends suggested to them that they are best for each other yet they didn’t recognize it but later they felt the same. We are sure many of you have felt this and went through this situation.

“Marrying your best friend” is a question that pops up every now and then. Our answer to this question is a big YES! Because this deal has more profits than loss and investing your life in someone who can be entrusted with your heart is the key to a lifelong relationship. If you are falling in love with your best friend and you think the feeling is mutual, then there’s no problem in carrying forward that relationship.

Below are some of the points to enlighten your confused mind if you have fallen for your best friend:

Trust factor

You may have been friends since birth or maybe since school. You became friends with the intention of being friends. Your behavior and personality have made your friends and that is what has kept your bond stronger. That only happens, when we trust each other. As we only want to become friends with people who can be trusted with our secrets. Ain’t it folks?

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Over the years, you people have trusted each other with those secrets which are hidden from your parents too and the society of course. In a world of selfish people who are good in front of us and bitch about us as soon as we leave the room, you people have earned a friend who is always ready to defend you. They know how to tackle your tantrums and never hesitate to correct you when you are going in the wrong direction. That is how they have built that trust.

Be yourself

Getting adored for the way we are is the best feeling in the world. Your best friend is your friend till now is because neither you nor he judged each other. Waking up early with drool or being moody won’t become awkward. You can truly be yourself. There is no need of pretending. You can freely share your thoughts about your dreams, fears, etc. There is no need for filters. They know how you react when your mood is spoiled and how you react when you feel you are on top of the world. Falling in love with your best friend with mutual feelings is the privilege that is bestowed only on few lucky people.

Same interests

Ok, let’s be honest here. We are friends with people who agree with our opinion and or we share the same interests. With that being said, it becomes true that our best friend and we share the same interests. Maybe we like the “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” series; cricket is our favorite sport, etc. We share common ground. This factor helps in less argument and fewer fights. This common ground helps us to build “we” and a team spirit finds its place in the relationship. Team spirit is considered to be an invincible factor when it comes to successful and lifelong relationships.

Comfort zone

As we said you can be yourself, there is no need of pretending. This gives you comfort zone and also your personal space is respected. You can freely do things that interest you without thinking that what your partner (your best friend) will think because he is your best pal. You can be vulnerable and need not act strong. Being vulnerable in front of someone demands a certain level of trust and comfort. And this condition is fulfilled by your best friend.

Friend for life

The husband or wife in that person may become upset, but eventually, the best friend in them will find their way to each other. Even after marriage, you will be friends first and then spouses. The spouse may be stuck at a certain point, but the friendship will take over. You may go through good and ugly, ups and downs, but somewhere you know that your spouse/best friend is there to support you. They are your personal cheerleaders who will always cheer you up. They are the ones who will help you climb up the ladder of life. The adventure and fun factor will remain present even when you become old. The teasing will be inseparable from your relationship. They will help you to keep alive that innocent child in you. Thus, marrying your best friend

Healthy disagreements

Though there may be times when you won’t agree on the same point, again that trait is clear in the eyes of your best friend. Both of you know what are the points which may trigger you. So, even at the time of disagreements, you won’t be surprised by the sudden outburst of anger. You are well-versed with each other’s behavior. The main problem which has infected many relationships, that is ego won’t affect your relationship. You know how to convince each other. How to lighten up the mood. “Sorry” and “Thank you” won’t take much time. These two are magical words which when said can eradicate many hard feelings. According to studies, people restrain themselves and expect these words from their better half due to ego, which has caused many breakups and divorces.

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But if we marry our best friend, we share a level of understanding and we treat each other equally. This further helps to avoid senseless or irrelevant arguments. No one tries to dominate the other person.


Marrying your best friend has more positives than negatives. According to a study, it has been proven that there are fewer chances of divorce in this case. It has resulted in lifelong relations. We hope we have cleared many of your doubts. Falling in love with your best friend has all the benefits you would otherwise search in a stranger.