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Perfect Romantic Date Idea – Walk to Remember

Perfect Romantic Date Idea – Walk to Remember


Every one of us sometime or the other has dreamt about a perfect date, right. For some, it’s the luxurious dinner at the 5-star hotel while for others it may be a long drive. And the idea of the perfect date which is trending nowadays or mostly followed is a walking date. Our ideas of the perfect date may be different but the common thing we share is, Love.

Earlier, people used to travel in the cart and or ride the horse but now, they can use their two-wheelers, four-wheelers, private jets, and whatnot for travel purpose. This implies that with time we have evolved and so is our thought process. Also, the point of view for a particular thing differs from person to person. The same is the case with the idea of a perfect date. A date does not need to be extravagant to be perfect. If you are in a luxurious restaurant, but if both of you are not able to connect your thoughts, then it all goes in vain.

Therefore, when we talk about a connection in real, we mean how our hearts connected with their soul and thoughts and not physical appearance. Cliche, right? But, it’s the universal truth, if you are in love. This is the need of the hour in today’s social media environment. Where we judge a person by their profile picture. Our love for them is determined by the number of likes and dislikes they have on their post. A person with fewer followers is considered dull or boring. The one having amass followers is considered beautiful or handsome.

Therefore, to change this perception, a walking date is what helps us to understand the layers of that person, where there is no filter and no fear of judgement.

A walking date is to take a walk across any of your favorite places, like the old-fashioned way. Yes, you heard it right, a perambulate date. We know you might be thinking that this is way too simple for something like a perfect date. Well, to understand each other’s thoughts better. To have serious conversations that happen on a date, you must be side by side and not face-to-face with them, and this is possible if you are walking side by side.

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A walking date or a perambulate has plenty of benefits. Most important of them is it’s healthy for you as well as for the environment as no kind of pollution will be there. You know you are exercising and at the same time living a beautiful moment. Who would’ve thought that exercise can make you feel this good? But, it does. It releases some good chemicals in your body which helps you feel happy and good. Furthermore, a happy mind at the time of date is what you need to build your connection stronger.

Now, we are not implying that you just have to walk without food and drinks and dance and music. Surely, you can enjoy these activities while walking too, after all, date and walk and food and celebration can go hand-in-hand. Just decide the place where you think it would be perfect for the two of you to share a peaceful walk. You can have food in any nearby stall or cafe when the place is decided. You can enjoy street food like the famous Pani Puri, Chaat, Bhel Puri, etc. Also if we talk about cocktails or mocktails, we can substitute it with buttermilk, tea, coffee, mojito, etc. It all depends upon the chosen place. Likewise, if you are near a beach, you can enjoy sea-food, ice-creams, also you can make sandcastles. You can enjoy the sunset and of course, you can click some beautiful pictures.

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If you don’t want such a crowded place, you can go to a nearby park. Sit on the benches; enjoy the swings provided to break the ice. You can see and experience both of your inner children coming out while connecting together. Subsequently, you can stargaze and enjoy the moonlight. To add on, how about a romantic moonlit dance? Isn’t this all dreamy yet real? It is.

A walking date prevents you from the pressure of deciding places, searching the budgeted restaurant, having all that ostentation, etc. Plus, it helps to bring more adventures in your life. Rather than eating expensive food which can be easily prepared by you at half rate, you can enjoy the whole day in that amount. You can be more you and your nervousness will also reduce. Whereas if we go for a dinner date, we have to behave in a very sophisticated way while talking, eating, and communicating. It all becomes a bit too rigid.

It doesn’t mean you can behave as you want on a walking date. There is some etiquette that we must follow while being at a certain type of place. Like, if you are at a five-star hotel and you eat rice with your hands there, it will look a little absurd to others. The ambiance of that place is different from that of your home where you can just eat food in any way you want. We hope you are able to connect the dots.

The experience shared during the walking date will be remembered by you for a longer period of time because it is unplanned; you never know what all surprises may come while crossing the path. To believe this idea, you have to implement it. We wish you that it will surely be a walk to remember that too for a lifetime. Engulfed with bits and pieces of everything, you will experience all aspects of a perfect date you always imagined.

Share your stories and listen to their version as well. Don’t hesitate to ask questions that are bothering you. This will help you two, to deeply analyze your thoughts and will strengthen your bond. Present yourself just like you are in real. No need to butter up things. This creates a sense of relief that you are not wrong anywhere and you have not lied about things. To sum up, just be you.

The day is near, what you are waiting for. Go and enjoy every bit of this day.