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Significance of red color in Indian wedding

Significance of red color in Indian wedding


In India, red is the color of marriage. Whenever we hear the term “wedding” or “shaddi”, our mind forms an instant picture of a bride wearing all red clothes and jewelry and a groom wearing a cream or ivory color “sherwani”. Honestly, this is the scenario for every Indian wedding. You will hardly think about any other color than red for the bride. In Indian weddings, the color red will always be a significant part of Indian brides. It will always be a constant companion for our brides.

Why red color?

For centuries, in India, when we talk about any sacred event or any auspicious moment, red color automatically becomes the part of that moment, in the form of “tilak”, “mehndi”, clothes, etc. You cannot avoid its presence. In Indian weddings too, red color is treated as the color of purity, passion, prosperity, sacredness, wealth, fertility and whatnot. It has all the positives in it. At weddings, it is considered as a bride’s companion guiding her to the new life. The bride’s trousseau is incomplete without the color red or some shade of it.

In addition, red color is associated with the planet Mars as it holds an important role in weddings according to some astrologers. The red color is also linked with the rising sun.

According to “solah shringaar” in Indian weddings, red color is the permanent chosen color for “bindi”, “sindoor” or vermillion, “mehndi”, and bangles. They depict that a woman is married.

Indian weddings are a series of different events planned for different days. Be it haldi, mehndi, sangeet or wedding, red color makes its appearance in almost all the ceremonies. It is like oxygen to a wedding.

Red color enhances the bride’s confidence

Brides mostly opt for lehanga-cholis or saree for the wedding, and red color in them makes the bride look no less than a queen. Also, according to some Hindu beliefs, brides are to be treated like Goddess Laxmi as they bring good fortune to the groom’s life. The color also brings strength to the bride and helps her to overcome the nervousness and anxiety as she is about to enter a new phase of her life.

Significance of red color | Indian bridal wear, mehandi & jewelry trends

Red color - a part of every marriage

Mostly, India’s north and south zones differ in their choices. But, when we talk about marriages, red color is widely accepted in both the zones. Be it lehanga-choli of the north or saree of the south, red is the first choice.

Red color - bridal jewelry

Most of the bridal jewelry is a mix-n-match of red color with other hues. The important part of the jewelry for the bride which she has to wear for a certain amount of days, that is the “Chura” or bangles is of red color paired with maybe some ivory or golden bangles. They are a sign of good omen. The “Chura” belongs to Punjabi culture, but now it is highly practiced across India by the newlyweds.

Red color - Sindoor or Vermillion

Sindoor is like the wedding ring of western culture. It is a crucial part of an Indian wedding. It shows that a woman is married. Now, that is not the only reason to wear sindoor. The red color in the sindoor depicts power. To protect her husband, she wears sindoor every day. It is a sign that she is praying for her husband’s long and healthy life.

Red color eligible for every complexion

Red color knows no discrimination. It goes well with all the skin tones. This is one of the major reasons why it is widely opted for in Indian weddings. For example, if we talk about yellow color or maybe orange, they won’t go well with all the skin tones.

Therefore, these are some of the reasons why red color is the first choice for every bride and for every Indian wedding.