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Signs of a healthy relationship to manage your love-life

Signs of a healthy relationship to manage your love-life


A relationship is considered to be successful when both the members are happy and respect each other’s decisions. A lot many of us, want this type of relationship. But it is easier said than done. To create such an atmosphere in a relationship, we need to accept and welcome new changes mutually. After all, a healthy relationship is not a cinch. There are some signs which help you determine whether you are in a healthy relationship or not.

14 common yet not so common signs of a healthy relationship are:

Comfort in a relationship

You feel comfortable with each other. That means, you are yourself and not pretending to be someone else. Your personality is appreciated by the other person and there is no demand to change your habits and act like someone else.

The pace of your relationship

You both know that you are on the same page of this book called a healthy relationship. What we mean here is that you know the pace of your relationship is going according to your mutual agreements. You know your goals and respect the other person’s decisions.

Trust and honesty

These are the pillars of a healthy and happy relationship. There is transparency in your relation. You care about their privacy. They trust you with their secrets and you do the same. Nothing is hidden. You speak your thoughts instead of a lie, even when you know it may not be liked by the other person. That’s honesty. There is no place to hide things or lie about.

Independent personalities

Both of you support each other. That does not mean you are trying to act according to their needs. Both of you possess your distinct opinions and respect each other’s individuality. No one dominates the other person. Freedom is appreciated by each other and nobody takes advantage of it. You are supportive of each other’s goals, and help them grow and progress.

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Mutual respect

Both of you respect each other as a person. You understand that beside you they have other things to look after for. You honor and respect each other families and friends. And those three sentences always find their way to you, “Sorry”, “Thank you”, and “I love you”.


You know you are treating each other with equality in terms of responsibilities and rights. Because you are a boy you have to pay that restaurant bill or you are a girl you have to do household chores only. These statements have zero involvement in your relationship. You treat each other equally and at the same level.

Responsible for your actions

You stand by your words and are not afraid to take responsibility. Both of you share your responsibility. You follow what you have said. Never hesitate to take the blame when it is your fault. You understand your intentions and the impact they might have on your relationship. Accepting mistakes prevent fights and help you prosper in a healthy and happy relationship.

Healthy conflicts

Disagreements and conflicts are a part of every relationship. They ensure that you haven’t become a puppet of the other person. These conflicts are good but while expressing them, you maintain dignity and don’t abuse and put-down the other person. In simple words, there is no hatred and or insecurity while expressing your disagreements.

Time factor

Time is the water that makes the roots of the relationship strong. Investing time in each other is the key to a healthy and happy relationship. Even if you are busy with your profession, you take-out time in the evening or at weekends to enjoy each other’s company.


If time is the water then communication is the seed. Without proper communication, we cannot sustain any relationship. You share your opinions, goals, and ambitions with each other. You do not hold back your disagreements. This ensures you are being clear and are not hiding anything. This also ensures you understand your emotions and your partner's feelings.

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More fun. Fewer fights

You see that you get along the way more than arguing. You experience that even after having an argument, you two get together easily. Those arguments do not affect your relationship. Also, you feel that you don’t have guilt and or regrets, but a lot of funny and happy moments.

Efforts to nurture your relationship

You make efforts to make your relation run smoothly. Both of you try to make each other special by making special moments. You try to maintain that spark.

Compromise and adjustments

You try to adjust and compromise according to the situations. You just don’t demand every time. Sometimes, you adjust sometimes the other person adjusts. You know maintaining equality.

A good listener

Everyone can rant but who can listen without interrupting is the skill required in a relationship. Don’t just listen but also try to understand the context of their statements. Showing interests when they speak, gives them a sense of contentment.

A healthy relationship will have all these signs. You just have to be yourself in a relationship and accept some good changes to sustain the relationship and grow as an individual. After all, changes are what make us unique and adaptable to situations. If you think your relationship does not qualify for a healthy and happy one, you need not worry. Just check and observe where you and your partner are lacking. Even a small change can result in wonderful outcomes. It just requires a little patience.