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10 Best last-minute valentine day gifts ideas

Things you should avoid doing on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate the love and togetherness with your special someone. You might be celebrating for the first time, or it’s been a couple of years for you since the first celebration. Some may be all cheery and dancing in the party with their love, while others may be sharing a cup of coffee in their cozy home.

The celebration depends upon the amount of time both of you shared. Someone you met a month ago and for someone who’s with you for 2 years, there’s a list of things you must do and things you must avoid.

Let’s go through the points one by one:

Avoid flowers that contradict with the idea of Valentine

When purchasing or sending a bouquet of flowers, be very sure about the color of them. Different colors depict different meanings. Don’t believe that a rose is just a rose. And if this is your first date, then you have to be very cautious. Let’s brief you about the rose colors and their meanings.

Red: Classic choice and universally accepted. The color of Valentine, the color of love.

White: Generally associated with marriage, meant for a heart unacquainted with love.

Yellow: A sign of friendship and cheer, best offered for your friends.

Pink: Represents grace and elegance. Compliments the beauty of the girl

Peach: A thank you note flower which represents gratitude.

Purple: A royal flower. Shows pride and enchantment.

Black: Not the color of Valentine for sure. Although, it symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.

Red and White: Combination of both. Symbolizes unity, best when you are married.

Not necessary that you have to give roses only. What matters is how much effort you are making to make that person happy. You can purchase the flowers they like, such as tulips, lavender, daffodils, etc.

Avoid sending Gifts by hiding your identity

Be very careful when sending bouquets or gifts through online means or through some other person. Don’t send flowers quoting anonymous or nothing at all. It creates a state of confusion in the mind of your someone special. And the intention behind that gift fails to target their heart. Instead of becoming happy with the gift, they might get confused. So, avoid hiding your identity while sending gifts. Though you want to surprise them, sometimes it becomes more of a shock.

Send personalized gifts online to someone special | Avoid wrong intentions

Avoid sending love quotes that are available online

The content written over the web is also someone’s personal perception over a particular thing. We may agree with them and sometimes, wants to send those fancy quotes on this special occasion to our partner. But, this practice is not correct. Even your partner knows the words are of someone else.

Avoid this situation at all costs because nobody in this world can define someone else’s emotions. Try to write them in your own words. Your own expressions and quotes dedicated to your partner will make them feel the happiest and you will also feel satisfied as you gave all your efforts at the best.

Avoid talking about your past

This day is meant for you two, and not about some third person. Especially on this day, never discuss or bring out the topic from your past relationship that affects your current partner. They may not react but they will observe how deeply you were involved in that relation. Instead revise your old memories with them, how you two met. Share your first impressions.

Avoid making any serious commitment on this day

Mostly, people get very overwhelmed with the vibes of this day. They think that this is the perfect day for making a proposal. However, this isn’t the right time to get carried away with emotions and make commitments or promises. Even you yourself don’t know if you are ready for that responsibility. So, try to avoid this day for making unsure commitments.

Avoid alcoholic drinks

This day is very emotional and heart-touching. Due to this, we often sometimes make small blunders, which results in embarrassment and or awkwardness. The common one is drinking too much due to nervousness or excitement. You might end up talking too much, crying, acting clumsily, etc. Doing things which you may regret the next day. Therefore, avoid alcohol or else drink it in a sober and controlled way.

Avoid alcohol on Valentine Day - Stop drinking and drug abuse

Avoid expectations inspired by other’s life

Movies, novels, or celebrities do manipulate our way of seeing things. We create an idea of perfection. But, we often forget that that’s all reel and not real. Expectations are good but don’t overdo it by getting influenced by others. It may bring hurdles in your relationship. Try and understand everyone shares a unique bond. Nobody can copy that.

Avoid the feeling that this is the only day

Making each other special only on Valentine’s day is not a rule neither it’s recommended. Acting all lovey-dovey on 14th Feb and then back to routine on 15th Feb disturbs the idea of love. Doing this, makes all your efforts the previous day go in vain. Love is meant to be celebrated every day. Put the same amount of effort, though it may fluctuate sometimes, but cherish the presence of each other.

With that, we hope you got the idea of what is not acceptable during the celebration. Though we are human, mistakes are a part of our life, but we can learn the talent to avoid them. We wish you all the luck.

May your Valentine’s be very special and lovely. And, if you are single then my friend go out with your family and enjoy some delicious food. Or you can arrange a perfect dinner for your parents who have forgotten to cherish this moment due to work and routine.

At last, Happy Valentines!