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Trending Wedding Destinations in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Trending Wedding Destinations in Jodhpur, Rajasthan


Do you imagine yourself commemorating a regal wedding at a vintage venue with orange sunset, golden desert, blue houses, opulent courtyards, vibrant culture, and majestic heritage? If yes, then the Sun City of Rajasthan known for its melting pot of royalty and hospitality must be a part of your royal wedding destination’s venue list. Jodhpur, widely known as Blue city stands out as an exceptional host with the towering forts and architectural masterpieces offering picture-perfect pavilions and legendary premises for an extraordinary and heart-warming wedding celebration.

It's not just the splendor of this place that will lure you, but the ever welcoming locals, the flavors of its finger-licking local cuisine and local folk art & music makes it one of the most popular spots for Destination Wedding in India. If you wish for a wedding larger than life, then this magnificent city will be the ultimate spot to plan an extravagant wedding.

Set in the stark landscape of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur offers you a wide range of choices from a large portfolio of themes – from traditional to modern, from simplistic to exotic. Connectivity with major cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai by air, road, and railway is another reason for Jodhpur to be the preferred Destination Wedding City by the couples.

If the above description of the blue city of India has left you intrigued, then get to know the hot and trending locations of Jodhpur to get hitched grandly:

Umaid Bhawan Palace: The first choice of Elite weddings

Dazzling with glorious heritage, this private palatial residence is sure to offer you your dream wedding. Standing witness to many of the grandiose weddings in India, Umaid Bhawan Palace is a timeless beauty with its lavish interiors and elegant artwork complemented by exotic murals. It will serve with a classic background for wedding photographs and showcase the true culinary & decor traditions.

The 5 best wedding destinations in Jodhpur | Umaid Bhawan

Balsamand Lake Palace: Welcome to Luxurious celebration

Buzz of this ancient summer palace is unimaginable and so is its magnificence. The magic of its meandering medieval lush green gardens with roses and the artificial lake makes this palatial venue the best wedding destinations of all. Not to miss the mesmerizing site of courtyards, vintage drives, enchanting interiors & regal Rajputana architecture promises you a wholesome destination wedding.

Ajit Bhawan Palace: Exchange vows in Royal touch

Situated amidst the blue city, Ajit Bhawan Palace is known for organizing upscale and successful weddings. It’s one of the most magnificent properties in Jodhpur, perfect to exchange wedding vows with a royal and luxurious touch. The palace has witnessed many wedding ceremonies in its spacious lawns and promises to deliver the best blend of royalty and sophistication to their guests.

ITC Welcome: Experience the element of Grandeur

Designed by a sense of harmony ITC Welcome offers all the amenities that are required for a regal Rajasthani wedding. The 5-star hotel property is an elegant combination of traditional and modern architecture. It endeavors to bring about an element of grandeur through food, music, color and an ethnic mélange of unique experiences.

Indana Palace: An exemplar of lavishness personified

This Palace-Hotel with architectural glory and fabulous service is nothing less than lavishness personified; it is an ideal contrast of old-world charm and new world glory. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Jodhpur, Indana Palace has vibrant courtyards, opulent rooms and cosy halls which makes it idealistic venue for a destination wedding.

Heritage hotels and resorts for wedding destinations in Jodhpur

Wishing to have a wedding that will be etched in people’s memory for a long time? Then turn to Jodhpur for a majestic celebration. Jodhpur offers ideal wedding venues which will add a royal and regal touch to your wedding. You can choose from a variety of palaces and find infinite colors of classic heritage, royalty, and hospitality at one destination. The grand architecture, authentic cuisine, and eclectic folk entertainment have made Jodhpur, one of the most preferred locations for a royal wedding.