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Wedding theme based decoration ideas

Wedding theme based decoration ideas


Shining, shimmering, and splendid. Those are the words that leave our mouth when we talk about wedding decorations. But, as the time is changing and our imaginations getting a new direction, wedding decorations have become a whole new chapter in our wedding diaries. A royal wedding with lavish decor, or a beach wedding with cool and funky decor, and many more have found their audience with the idea of wedding theme based decoration ideas.

Like our desktops, themes have invaded our weddings. Nowadays, almost every wedding has a theme, which makes its unique presence in every visitor’s mind. Be it a ladder, ceiling, cart or bogie, they all are decorated.

So, here we are to help you with wedding theme based decoration ideas.

Flower and ferns

Come on who does not love flowers with those green leaves accompanying them. Flowers are an inseparable part of a wedding. You can use them to decorate your stage’s background with mixed hues of red and white. Dining tables with small vases of these fresh flowers will relax your tired body with their soothing scent. Decorate the entrance of the wedding hall by putting up a wall of flowers with some catchy slang. The flowers can be twisted around the railings of the stairs. Just put them anywhere, they are bliss to the eyes.

Twinkling firefly effect with lights

Decorating the poles with those twinkling lights, and dangling those strings of lights from the roof with combinations of maybe white and yellow, will give that firefly effect. Especially, in evening hours, the setup will be relaxing, you know not too much of flash and all.

Starlit ceilings

Ceilings are the highlight of every wedding, isn’t it folks? Be it dangling lights or crawling blossoms, ceilings mesmerizes the aura of a wedding. We can create a canopy of lights, specifically those LED lights to create a magical starlit illusion that will beautify our dance and photograph. Also, have you seen those glass bottles hanging from the roof with neon lights? Exactly, we can use it to give our wedding a stylish and shimmery presence. It will be a fairytale moment for the girl.

Retro demeanor

How about that rustic and dusty retro wedding decor. Using those trestle tables, unique old items like a phonograph playing some really cool vinyl. Also, how about replacing those lights or chandeliers with exquisitely carved lanterns. Dressing up the traditional old clothes according to the respective cultures. What a sight it would be, in a single wedding we will see a plethora of distinct cultures.

Beach setup

If you are opting for an exotic beach wedding theme based decoration ideas, then we have plenty of options to make it the best among the rest. We can dress up in all floral, Hawaiin and boho designs. Sunglasses, hats, scarves, and umbrellas will be our best friends as mostly there will be outdoor events. Use those pearls and shells to decorate the wedding venue. Coconut can also be used to enhance the beauty of the walls.

Beach destination wedding | wedding theme decoration ideas | Shadisthan

Rajwada or Rajasthani decor

Royal weddings have mostly been inspired by Rajasthan’s culture and have become a trend. For you to look like a perfect maharani or maharaja, the ambiance of the venue matters a lot. Select a palace, haveli, fort or you can simply select a lavish hotel. Put antique items, clay pots, wooden sculptures, colorful Gota dreamcatchers, Bandhani drapes for walls, and the lost yet legacy of Rajasthan, the puppets or kathputlis. It’s all folksy and colorful. You can arrange the dancers who perform traditional dance, and you can wear Kundan and meenakari jewelry. A “palki” will be the main highlight of the wedding.

Royal Rajwada wedding and mandap decoration | wedding theme decoration ideas| Shadisthan

A Lucknowi Nawab’s touch

Whoa! Now, that is something which can totally give competition to the Rajputana wedding. A Mughlai or Lucknowi nawab’s touch to the venue will steal many hearts. Go for antique chandeliers or gasoliers for ceilings, colorful glasses to decorate the walls, lots of roses for the stage. Assign a group who will play nazm or ghazals. Wear “chikankari” work, and jewelry-like “passa” to give that royal touch.


Both modern and retro wedding decoration ideas have neon. Neon colors and lights are chosen widely for wedding celebrations. Mostly, the sangeet and photo booths are featuring neon lights.

Seating-photo-plan or a polaroid

That sounds weird, right? But, it is a great idea. We can use our guest’s photo to give them the idea of their seating plan. We can display our photos also and send the idea of our journey to the guests. The photos can be displayed like a chain or they can be scattered over different venues and describe the idea of togetherness according to the respective wedding rituals.

Scented candles

The aroma of these scented candles will lure you into bliss. Use candles and candelabras around the stage. Choose different scents for different venues. Also, we can place those stylish candleholders and sconce around the corners of the walls. Even your dining table can feature these scented candles with formal flowers.

Best from the waste

Ok, that might be confusing for you, that what is the use of waste in this auspicious occasion. But guys, many of our household items can be used to give a nice and innovative touch to the atmosphere. Use those leftover glasses and put lights or candles in them. Use those colorful papers to create wonderful art pieces through the origami technique. The leftover sarees can be used to drape the poles or the ceilings. Even the kites, bangles, cups, etc. can be used as wind chimes and dreamcatchers. You can use “charpai” instead of chairs for the guests.

Nature’s love

If you are going for a green wedding, then wood, flowers, leaves, etc. will come handy. Instead of plates, use banana leaf to serve food. Use wooden chairs, tables, utensils to give that earthy feel. Use clay pots, earthen lamps instead of candles, decorate the walls with green leaves with petals of flowers.

Nature inspired wedding décor – Go Green| wedding theme decoration ideas| Shadisthan

The wedding decoration field has no limit. You lay your eyes on anything and that thing can be used at some place or other to enrich the venue. Weddings follow a different set of rituals as soon as we move to a next house or a place and accordingly the plans changes for themes.

Every theme is designed in such a way that it holds every function with the same amount of energy and respect. Before deciding the theme, ensure that you and your wedding planner has stipulated time, to fulfill all the requirements.