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Why Rajasthani style wedding is trending in Bollywood

Why Rajasthani style wedding is trending in Bollywood


Rajasthani weddings have always drawn attention from every nook of the world. The grandeur and elegance of the traditions and rituals seem to blend rightly for creating the festive mood of weddings for everyone. In India every region has a different style of wedding and every community has their own set of rituals and traditions to follow. Unlike many states, Rajasthan still has the touch of Royalty in their marriages with its high rise palaces, magnificent decorations, horse carriage, elephants, swords and music from drums and shehnais. There are many nuances in Rajasthani weddings that make them stand out of the rest.

Rajasthani Weddings are now Trending in Bollywood:

Welcome to a true blue Rajasthani wedding that exhibits the rich ethnicity and flavours of Rajasthan:

“Traditional touch in all the events”

Like every other Indian wedding, true Rajasthani weddings also incorporate many religious customs. The families in Rajasthan are very closely knitted and hence weddings are a grand affair in which all the relatives meet and enjoy the ancient customs of marriage. Initially, Rajasthani weddings used to last close to 15 days as per the ancient Rajasthani traditions. However in present the ceremonies of Rajasthani weddings are shortened to 2-3 days, still the traditional touch has not vanished from it.

All the customs and rituals are carried down to the tee by the elders of the groom and bride. There are many pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals that are meant to create a stronger bond between the new couple. Marriages in Rajasthan also have a spiritual nuance in them; every custom is accompanied by worshipping different god or goddess. One of the celebrated events is prayers to the Totem (Kul-devta / Kul-devi) of the bride and groom, which is performed to ensure the prosperity and togetherness of the new couple.

Royal Rajasthani Weddings

“Unique bride and groom entries”

For decades Rajasthan has been known for its rich and colourful tradition and till today the weddings in the state are untouched by the western influence. The ritualistic entry of bride and groom is also an integral part of the traditional Rajasthani wedding, which is done with great enthusiasm. On the wedding day the groom arrives at bride’s place sitting on a mare, with a procession full of his relatives and friends known as “Baarat”. The Rajasthani wedding procession is filled with band of music, laughter and fun dancing, which symbolizes the happiness of groom’s family in inviting the bride to their home.

The family of bride also welcomes the groom whole heartedly and the mother of bride invites the groom in by pulling his nose (Rasam of naak-khichayi). When groom’s entry is so prejudicing, then how bride’s entry be any less. The groom awaits his would-be wife at the mandap (canopy for wedding rituals); the Rajasthani bride arrives at the mandap in a Palanquin which is lifted by her brothers and uncle. Once the bride and groom adorn the mandap, the rituals of panigrahan and kanyadan are carried down by the priest.

“Breathtaking Decor and Scrumptious Cuisine”

Rajasthani weddings are high-budgeted event, as a handsome amount is spent on the grand decor and wide range of dishes. The hues of red, yellow, pink, orange and gold are selected for adding the Royal touch to decorations, which is complimented by the fresh flowers to sooth the environment. Rajasthani people are known foodies, and weddings are the perfect excuse to call for a grand feast, the Menu of Rajasthani weddings is fully loaded with the traditional savoury and sweet dishes. If you’re attending a Rajasthani wedding then be ready for a warm hosting in which you’ll be fed food with a lot of persuasion, it is known as Manvaar (another wedding custom).

Delicious Rajasthani Wedding Menu

“Larger than life marriage venues”

With all the grand and royal nuances of wedding, the venue also has to be justifiable. Rajasthan is a hub for magnificent palaces and alluring marriage gardens, which perfectly serves the purpose of a true Rajasthani wedding . The splendid decorations add the required charisma to the venue and you get to create memories for a lifetime. The Rajasthani wedding functions are the venture to non-stop folk music, dance and laughter, which when blended with the regal venues tend to mesmerize everyone.

Royal Rajasthani Wedding Decoration Ideas

With all the traditional and heritage touches, a Rajasthani wedding is a unique and strange blend of rituals, culture, religion, spirituality and respect for the sacred bond. There are certain nuances that seem patriarchal but are definitely full of fun, frolic and lavish colours. All of this makes any traditional Rajasthani wedding stand out from the other conventional weddings of the region.