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What not to wear at an Indian wedding as a guest

What not to wear at an Indian wedding as a guest


What to wear and what not to wear at an Indian wedding becomes a dilemma. Invited to an Indian wedding, you are allowed to wear vibrant hues like blue, green, orange, etc. as a guest. The choice of colors, apparel, footwear, jewelry, accessories, etc. defines our personality at the Indian wedding.

To nail all those wedding pictures, with minimal effort, you need to follow the color and dress code of different wedding ceremonies. Indian weddings reek of colorful ethnic clothes and traditional wear.

Keeping in mind the same, to rock your presence at the wedding, there are some rules to follow while selecting your attire. Though we have seen a lot of changes with time and our mindsets have been influenced by western culture. Indian weddings still stick to traditional ways when it comes to rituals, clothes, jewelry, etc.

Here’s a guide to check what not to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest.

Specific colors to avoid

Indian weddings are all about vibrant and bright colors. It’s a fair of multiple colors. But, not all colors are treated as positive. The color black is considered inauspicious for the wedding. It is believed that black color denotes evil and is prohibited at propitious ceremonies. The other color is white. White color in Indian culture has different meanings when it comes to weddings. In the North region, people associate the white color with mourning, whereas, in the South region, brides wear white sarees at their wedding. Apart from these two colors, the red color also needs to be avoided by the females attending the wedding. The red color is associated with bridal wear. So, it’s the best practice to let her attract all the limelight on her main day.

Casual wear is a big no

Indian weddings are everything except casual. They scream of festive, traditional, colorful, and ethnic clothes. Imagine yourself wearing a normal kurta and or t-shirt and pants at the wedding. You will stand out at the wedding of course, but not in a good way. It is not a casual event but a festive and auspicious event. It demands you to show off your personality with some real and good traditional outfits. Don’t make it boring.

Minimal Jewelry

In an Indian wedding, jewelry is an utmost important part of your traditional look. Without accessories and jewelry, your outfit is incomplete. While wearing them, just don’t go over the top. You don’t have to overdo your appearance. Wearing one elegant necklace is ok rather than wearing all your precious jewelry. You have to blend in the crowd in an elegant manner.

Also, don’t skip the jewelry too. Wear minimal, but embrace them. They will make you look smart and classy.

Denim and tees - No

No matter if it’s a beach wedding, you are not allowed to wear your comfortable denim and tees. It shows a lack of effort from your side and imposes an idea that you are least interested in the marriage. Also, it is way too casual. Therefore, choose clothes that make you look amazing and helps you to perfectly blend in the wedding crowd.

Avoid revealing or garish clothes

If you understand the Indian customs, it is way too traditional and modest. As a guest, to wear clothes that ask for too much attention is not recommended at the Indian wedding. Avoid wearing clothes that are skimpy. Wear something that is classy and elegant. Remember; don’t steal the limelight from the bride.

Sheer or sparkly clothes

Avoid wearing sheer or see-through clothes at the wedding. If you want to, then wear those that are not making you look bolder. It’s a wedding, hence, demands sober attire. Moreover, try to neglect clothes which are too sparkly or are too embellished. It is a good practice that you wear clothes that do not outshine the couple.

Flip-flops or sports shoes

You have to choose the footwear that is comfortable at the same time matches with your outfit. Don’t go wearing flip-flops and or sport shoes at the wedding. It does not give a good impression. Try to wear formal leather shoes, loafers, Jutti, etc. Girls can go for heels, bellies, sandals, etc.

Avoid animal prints

A wedding is not an adventure event. Flaunting off animal prints at a wedding is a big no-no. Traditional prints or solid colors will do for the wedding outfit.

Moreover, also avoid prints that aren’t camera-friendly. The zig-zag or spiral prints will affect your photographs. So, try to wear classic vibrant colors.

Bold Makeup

Makeup is a must for any event. It becomes a necessity for both the man and woman at a wedding. While doing the same, keep in mind you don’t overdo it. It should not be very heavy and matches with that of the bride. Try to keep it simple and graceful.

Don’t be formal

You are going to a wedding and not a business meeting. Especially, the males need to avoid wearing the tuxedos that are way too formal. It’s a fun and festive occasion. You need to dress accordingly.

Therefore, these were some of the practices that a person should avoid while attending a wedding. They should adhere to the classic styles of apparels or they can go for the new trends as well. The only thing that matters is that they should complement the Indian culture with their presence at the wedding.