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Which is better: arranged marriage or love marriage?

Which is better: arranged marriage or love marriage?


A debate that never gets over. Love marriage is where you get to choose the person you love and arranged marriage is where your whole family is involved to get you your life partner. Choosing between these two is a never-ending debate in this society. Every option has its own set of pros and cons. And it all depends upon the situation, we cannot say that only love marriage will prosper or only arrange marriage has success.

Let’s discuss some of the factors that influence our choices when it comes to love or arrange marriages.


When you go for love marriage, you and your partner know each other for a period of time. You know their behavior, how will they react on a certain point, what they like and dislike. It helps you when you get married. You have a mutual understanding, which further helps for a smooth operation of your relationship.

When you go for an arranged marriage, both of you are new to each other. You have no idea about their personality. You learn about them as time passes. Many times, compatibility becomes an issue. But, often you people get to learn and experience new and positive things, which help your relationship, grow further.

Love in relationship

In love marriage, you are already in love and this makes sure that you will support and take care of each other. But, people have often experienced that marriage life becomes stagnant after some time because, the probability of encountering new things decreases. As you already know the person, you later get bored with it. Love fades with time.

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In an arranged marriage, love builds up over time as you encounter those new moments. There may be a case that love may not blossom. But, often we have seen that it does and unlike love marriages, arranges marriages experience a roller coaster ride of emotions in each phase of their life. As they are strangers, they always have something new to learn about their partner. Love grows with time.


In love marriage, the partners are responsible for all the happenings in their life. They have to deal with all the events they face with each other single-handedly, as they chose their fate themselves and the families just gave their consent. Also, sometimes they get deprived of their elder’s blessings, as they go for an independent married life. They find themselves alone in managing the new life without any guidance from their families.

In an arranged marriage, not only the two main people but the whole family is involved. The responsibility of any mishappening is shared by both the families, as they chose the partners for you. There is full support of the family, unlike love marriage. Also, the family and elders guide the newlyweds in many ways and help them get comfortable in this new environment.


Love marriages are still considered a taboo in our society. Hence, the acceptance rate is zero with criticisms. Love marriages are considered to be disrespect to our elders and their age-old customs. People think the couple has done some kind of crime and are a bad influence on society.

Therefore, getting your family consent over this marriage becomes a hectic job. It directly is compared to calculate the aura of your family in society.

Arranged marriages are considered a healthy ritual that is honored by everyone. It tells how much you respect your elders and how you put their interest before yourself. The support received is immense. There are no conflicts. Also, if in the future there is an unfortunate event, you get the support and respect of the society instead of taunts and disrespect in cases of most love marriages.


This is something that lays the foundation of our married life. In love marriages, you know the person already, therefore you have the idea that how much compatible you are. In this case, compatibility issues are very rare and the married life witnesses a smooth run.

On the other hand, in arranged marriages, people have no idea of the person. They are complete strangers. They get to witness each other’s real personality only after marriage. This sometimes results in a mismatch of thoughts and conflicts. It is always a surprise whether you will live happily or not.

Divorce rate

Though there are a lot of love marriages happening in society only a few happen to survive the relationship for a longer period of time. Because they face a lot of stress and there is less or no support from society, they happen to succumb to the anxiety. This leads to more conflicts and a higher divorce rate.

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The case is totally opposite in arranged marriage. Divorce rates in an arranged marriage are comparatively lower. The major reason for this is the involvement of the families. Their support has reduced the chances of separation. Also, this has helped the couple to cope with stress and anxiety.


The choice and its result totally depend upon the person and situations. There may be the case, where love marriage offers greater success whereas arranged marriage fails. There may be a case, where arranged marriages are not supported due to social evils like dowry. So, every option comes with its own set of problems that the partners have to solve together with patience and resilience.