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Why is a pre-wedding shoot important

Why is a pre-wedding shoot important?


Earlier, a photoshoot meant, appointing some unknown photographer on the main events of mehndi, sangeet, and wedding. In that too, we used to get blank when asked to pose or smile at the camera, and when the album used to come, we either used to look all serious or we were staring at some other angle. This problem has got a modern solution. Nowadays, a pre-wedding photoshoot is organized to prevent the above-mentioned situation on our main day, the wedding day.

What is a pre-wedding photoshoot?

A pre-wedding photoshoot is the photoshoot of the bride and the groom, done after the engagement but before your wedding day. Generally, it is done 6 to 8 weeks before your big day that is your wedding. Earlier there was no such concept, but with time and in the world of Instagram and Facebook, the pre-wedding photoshoot took its pace and became a trend.

Why pre-wedding photoshoot?

Showing your period of courtship through a photoshoot helps your connections to understand your journey. It assists your friends and family experience the story of your relationship. Even it helps you to understand the tactics of a good wedding photoshoot beforehand. It helps you to understand your photographer and his ideas to capture good shots. The understanding between you and your photographer must be really good, to get good shots during your wedding day.

To get you comfortable in front of the camera is the main motive of a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Let us list some of the reasons why pre-wedding photoshoot is beneficial for you:

Make yourself camera friendly

Almost all of us feel a little uncomfortable when someone else clicks our pictures. Due to this, we fail to deliver good poses and as a result, the photos clicked are directly sent to the delete box. Surely we can’t afford that at our wedding, right?

To avoid this shyness or camera consciousness on the wedding day, a pre-wedding photoshoot is our key. Performing the photoshoot helps us to understand the poses, angles, and positions for a perfect picture.

Compatibility with your photographer

Mostly, the photographer who is performing your pre-wedding photoshoot is the one who will be doing the same on your main wedding day. This ensures that you will be comfortable with his instructions on the main day, making the process all smooth and getting those awestruck photographs.

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Best photographs with a little practice

A pre-wedding photoshoot not only allows you to understand the style and tricks of the photographer but also lets him understand both of you as a couple. It helps him understand how comfortable both of you are with each other while posing at different angles. It helps him to analyze your personality so that the poses can be given accordingly.

Good opportunity for an arranged marriage

If it is an arranged marriage, then both of you get the chance to know each other more during the photo shoot. It also helps to bring out the hidden chemistry which is essential during the wedding shoot.

Pre-wedding photoshoot allows you to make your wedding more innovative and creative

The photoshoot done allows you to make your wedding more spectacular. As soon as the photographs are out, you can use them to design your wedding cards. This type of wedding card always leaves their mark on the recipient’s mind. Photos can be used to design the stage as well. You can make a presentation that tells your tale of togetherness at your wedding day so that every guest witnesses your journey as well as your wedding.

Relive the old memories

Many of us are busy at work even before the wedding, and we sometimes forget to cherish the moments of love. While showcasing your romantic journey, a pre-wedding photoshoot allows you to relive those memories by sharing this time of togetherness. Also, you can decorate your walls by hanging those memories captured in a photograph there.

Points to keep in mind for a pre-wedding photoshoot:

  • To perform a pre-wedding photoshoot, you have to look for an experienced photographer who understands your needs. Check his previous work before appointing him as you are investing a lot of time and money in this process.
  • You and your photographer have to understand the dynamics of the process from each other’s point of view. Try to tell your requirements in a very clear way to the photographer, so as to avoid any kind of confusion later. Both of you need to take care of each other’s instructions in the photoshoot.
  • Ask questions wherever necessary from the photographer. Discuss the place, theme, clothes, and time to avoid unnecessary clashes. Be very careful when selecting a theme. Don’t go with the flow of trends. Check which theme suits both of you best and defines your personality well.
  • Keep check of your diet and sleep during the shoot, because it plays a major role in how you will look on the camera. Makeup cannot bring you your natural glow.

Pre-wedding photoshoot ideas

There are plenty of ideas to perform a pre-wedding photoshoot. This is so because every story has a different perspective to share with this world. If you select a theme also, then there are millions of themes available. Even your imagination can become a theme for this shoot. But, to distinguish your album from others is by showing the real side of you and not imitating someone else.

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We will share a few ideas which we thought can be utilized with ease:

Candid photoshoot

The best way is to act candidly and outspoken and ignoring the surrounding. Just be you with each other. Don’t become conscious of the poses. This idea brings out the natural emotions of your personality in the photograph.

Objects or props photoshoot

Any place you go, you would find something or the other which defines the uniqueness of that place. So, use that area with different poses and get yourself clicked.

Traditional photoshoot

Both of you know your cultures and traditions well. You can use that aspect in your photoshoot. An amalgamation of both cultures, if you belong from different ones, you can create a culture-rich album.

So, we hope this may have cleared your doubts about a pre-wedding photoshoot. It is a trend that too, a beneficial one. We wish you all the best with your shoot.