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Be Safe While Searching Your Life Partner Through Matrimonial Sites

Be Safe While Searching Your Life Partner Through Matrimonial Sites


Marriage is one of the most beautiful moments of everyone’s life. It is so amazing how we decide to spend our life with a stranger and that stranger becomes our life. Everyone dreams about his/her life partner and wants to write a fairy tale of own love. We are sure you have also dreamt about those special feelings and moments of your life. Here we are suggesting a few things that one should do while searching for a life partner.

In today’s era, a large number of prospecting brides, grooms and their families use online matrimony services to search for a perfect life partner and many have been married online. But as it is said “roses always come with thrones.” There have been a few instances reported in the media about fraudsters cheating some people on online matrimony sites. One of the Safe Matrimonial site understands the importance of safety of your data that is why it provides you the most secure platform. Still there are a few things which can be controlled only by you as a member. We at took this initiative to guide not only our members but also other users of online matrimonial sites, so that their this part of searching a life partner would be as beautiful as their lives after marriage.

Do not reveal too much too soon

Be very careful in your communication and take your time in getting to know the person you're interested in. Before knowing the other person don't give out very personal details. Keep your ears open to people who ask unwanted questions or not clear.

First meeting

Do not meet alone until you know the person really well. If you're meeting for the first time, avoid meeting anyone alone and in a secluded place, instead meet them in public as it avoids many a risk. Also keep your friends or family informed before you set out.

Is that person a money scam?

It is not very difficult to recognize a money scam if members ask for money. Beware of such people and do not pay anything for visa purposes or any such issues. Anybody asking you for money is in all probability a fraudster. Fraudsters usually ask for single transfer of large sums. Some start with small amounts and follow up with requests for large sums. Never discuss your financial matters with someone you just met and hardly know. It could be highly unsafe. Never share your credit cards and bank account details with any new person.

Involve family

Marriage is not about only two people. It is a union of two families. It is always better to keep your family informed about all your proceedings and involve them in your decision-making to be on the safe side. Make sure you introduce the prospect to your family.

Check background details before committing to marriage

Marriage is not coming together, but staying together. In our culture it is a bond of lives. So please commit to marriage only after face to face meetings, especially after meeting prospective groom or bride’s parents/ relatives. Visit each other’s home and place of work. Do a thorough check of their social media profiles as well.

Your safety is also your responsibility

Getting married is a lifetime decision and no one can determine what's best for you than yourself, so it's also your responsibility to ensure your own safety and take precautionary steps.