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Factors You Should Look For In Your Prospective Life Partner

Factors You Should Look For In Your Prospective Life Partner


Marriage is one of the biggest decisions of one’s life. One chooses the other one to spend entire life together, to share every happy and sad moment of life and to fulfil the commitments till the last breath of life. It is actually tough to live a life like this but it becomes easier if one knows what factors he/ she wants to see in his/ her life partner.

Finding a partner with attributes of one’s choice may not be easy, but searching of life partner can become easier if one is clear in mind about the qualities, he/ she seeks in life partner. To help you get started, here are a few suggested qualities that you should look in a person before you marry.

  1. The one who respects your beliefs and values

    It is not necessary for your partner to always agree with all your views. One might be carrying a different belief and value system, but mutual respect for differences enriches the relationships. Emotional maturity is necessary in both the partners to nurture the relationship.

  2. The one who helps you grow as a person

    The person you marry should help you evolve into a better version of yourself. It does not mean you are lesser than your partner, but your partner should be a person who can realise you, your strengths and can help you to take you to the next level of success in every aspect of your life.

  3. The one who shares your vision for the future

    The person you marry does not have to be on the exact same life path as you are, but your trails should converge in enough places so that you can both reach your final destination together. In other words: If your partner wants to cross the ocean, but you’re too scared to even get in the ship, then you might have a problem.

  4. The one who exercises personal responsibility

    The person you marry should carry himself/ herself like a responsible adult, not a reckless teenager. He/ she has to be accountable for his/ her decisions.

  5. The one who treats your family like own

    Your partner should always treat your family as his/ her own. This is a critical quality you should look for while choosing a life partner. Because marriage is not about association of two people, it is engagement of two families.

  6. The one who trusts you

    The person you marry should not be snooping through your phone, private messages or your email account. If he/ she is concerned about specific issue, one should confront you about it without mincing words or sneaking behind your back. The person you marry should be a person who you trust so much that you feel like you could tell him/ her anything.

  7. The one who is willing to share

    We heard it in our childhood “sharing is caring” and yes, it is true. A person shares only with that fellow whom he trusts. When your partner shares with you his/ her fears and failures, then the relationship becomes more positive and open. If the man is keen on helping with household chores and the woman on fixing the leaking tap together, it strengthens the bond of love.