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First Step Towards A New Life

First Step Towards A New Life


Roka which means “rokna” in Hindi, it is one of the rituals which is celebrated not only in Punjabi community but in recent times other communities also performs the same. It is the first of the pre- wedding ceremonies that is performed between the bride’s and groom’s families. It takes a lot of efforts and patience to search for your life partner as it is not so easy now a days. Earlier marriages used to be in the hands of the elders where whom they say their kids used to get married without even seeing each other. Like my mom and dad and it must be with your mom and dad too. But in current scenario it takes a lot of efforts and patience to search for the life partner. Now as the time has advanced and a number of matrimonial sites being popularized along with all other available options the search is made easy. The boy and girl first see each other through photographs, chat over the phone and then it is them who decide whether to introduce each other with their families. Long after that it’s the time now for the families to meet. And if everything goes good and as planned then, it is the moment when the groom and bride announces that yes, he or she is the one with whom they wish to spend the rest of their life. It is an official way to tell yes now we are engaged.

It is one of the pre wedding rituals which is mostly been practiced by the Punjabi community. Both the bride and groom are been showered with gifts and blessings from their nears and dears for their future alliance followed by dance, music and food for both of the families to cherish.

With the ceremony coming to an end both the families decide the date of Sagan, engagement and wedding.